NIS mission

NIS has the mission to meet the information needs of all categories of users of statistical data and information by collecting, producing and disseminating data in accordance with the Law on the Organization and Functioning of Official Statistics in Romania. (EC) No 226/2009, Regulation (EC) No. No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 on European Statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice necessary for substantiating decisions on economic and social development of the country and for the knowledge and information of public opinion on the realities of Romanian society.

NIS vision

NIS, as the main producer of official statistical data, responsible for the coordination of all activities at national level regarding the development, development and dissemination of European statistics, is oriented towards achieving in a near future some functional methodological and technical performances recognized on domestic and international plan, at a level comparable to the performances of the most advanced national statistical institutes in the EU Member States.

NIS Principles:

  • User orientation;
  • Commitment of the NIS leadership;
  • Efficiency in relation to statistical processes;
  • Continuous improvement of official statistics activity;
  • Commitment on the quality of statistical products;
  • Accessibility of statistical data and information;
  • Cooperation in the field of official statistics;
  • Respecting the needs of data providers;
  • Systematic implementation of quality management in statistics;
  • Meeting the collective and individual requirements of the INS staff.

National Statistical System Committee

The National Statistical System is functioning within the frame of cooperation between the National Institute of Statistics, public central and local authorities and the National Bank of Romania, each of them having a limited production and dissemination area of official statistics in Romania. Its architecture is gradually evolving over time, as specific competence is developing, according to the needs of official statistics in various fields of public interest.

The National Statistical System Committee (COMSTAT) is a consulting body, including representatives of official statistics producers, respectively of public insitutions or statisitcal profile units within a public authority or institution, belonging to the National Statistical System, which collect statistical data, process and disseminate official statistics.

COMSTAT has the main role to support the National Statistical Institute in the coordination process of the National Statistical System for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its development strategy and of multiannual and annual national statistical programs. COMSTAT was created according to the Law no. 226/2009 regarding the organisation and functioning of official statistics in Romania, with later modifications and completions.

In keeping with the complexity and specificity of certain topics, experts from statistical enterprises and institutions, teaching staff and other personalities, that can contribute to the solving of issues under discussion can take part in the COMSTAT works as guests.

COMSTAT composition is set up by Order of the president of the National Statistical Institute.

The representatives of the National Institute of Statistics are the members by right of COMSTAT.

COMSTAT leadership is provided by the president of the National Institute of Statistics, assisted by a technical secretariat ensured by the staff from the National Statistical Institute.

COMSTAT elaborates and approves its own organisation and functioning regulation, approved by order of the INS president.


COMSTAT's organisational and operational regulations

Orders on the COMSTAT members

COMSTAT meetings


COMSTAT components – 2022


1. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

2. Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection

3. National Public Health Institute

4.National Agency for Environmental Protection
5.National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture

6. National Regulatory Authorithy for Energy

7. National Authorithy for Administration and Regulation in Communication

8. Romanian Aeronautical Authority

9. National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority

10. National Administration of Penitentiares

11. National Trade Register Office

12. General Inspectorate for Imigration

13. General Inspectorate of the Police Border

14. Romanian Film Center



Last update: November 21, 2022