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Starting with the 1 st of January 2007, National Institute for Statistics of Romania provides a new service to the users on the European statistical information!

Following a new free of charge dissemination policy of the statistical information, the European citizens have free access to all the collected and disseminated information by the statistical offices of the European Union through Statistical Office of EU – EUROSTAT. All Eurostat databases are now free of charge and all the statistical publications edited by the Eurostat can be downloaded for free from its official site:

Romanian ESDS Center is a part of the ESDS network center of the European Communities, who have as major objective guidance and assistance of the users on the European statistical information. A team is available anytime to provide support and guidance to the users where to find the statistical information.

1. The main objective of ESDS is:
Providing assistance to the users for finding needed information regarding on:

  • availability of the information/publications
  • checking and validation of the information
  • used methodology
  • technical support

2. About EUROSTAT:

Role and functions:
Eurostat is the Statistical Office of EU who publishes EU and euro-zone official statistics and who illustrates the changes which are taking place in Europe.

Data sources:
For providing these statistics, Eurostat collects the information from the National Institutes of Statistics and process them using the same methodologies. The compiled information is, indeed, comparable for the entire European Union.

3. Key indicators on EU policy (predefined tables) for the Eurozone, the EU and the Member-States include:

 Structural indicators
(general economic background, employment, innovation and research, economic reform, social cohesion, environment);


(balance of payments, business and consumer surveys, consumer prices, external trade, industry, commerce and services, labor market, monetary and financial indicators, national accounts);

 Long-term indicators
(Regions and cities, Economy and finance, Population and social conditions, Industry; Trade and services; Agriculture and fisheries; Foreign trade; Transport; Environment and energy; Science and technology).

 Eurostat databases are accesible free of charge

 Data can be extracted online with the help of a userfriendly browser EVA light (Eurostat Visual Application)

 The data are available in multidimensional tables. The dimensions of the tables are covering countries, regions, units, variables, periodicity etc.

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