NIS mission

NIS has the mission to meet the information needs of all categories of users of statistical data and information by collecting, producing and disseminating data in accordance with the Law on the Organization and Functioning of Official Statistics in Romania. (EC) No 226/2009, Regulation (EC) No. No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 on European Statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice necessary for substantiating decisions on economic and social development of the country and for the knowledge and information of public opinion on the realities of Romanian society.

NIS vision

NIS, as the main producer of official statistical data, responsible for the coordination of all activities at national level regarding the development, development and dissemination of European statistics, is oriented towards achieving in a near future some functional methodological and technical performances recognized on domestic and international plan, at a level comparable to the performances of the most advanced national statistical institutes in the EU Member States.

NIS Principles:

  • User orientation;
  • Commitment of the NIS leadership;
  • Efficiency in relation to statistical processes;
  • Continuous improvement of official statistics activity;
  • Commitment on the quality of statistical products;
  • Accessibility of statistical data and information;
  • Cooperation in the field of official statistics;
  • Respecting the needs of data providers;
  • Systematic implementation of quality management in statistics;
  • Meeting the collective and individual requirements of the INS staff.

Demographic events in 2015

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Demographic events in 2015
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The publication presents statistical data on the number of live births, deceased persons, marriages and divorces, the general birth rate, the general fertility rate and specific fertility rates, the short-term fertility indicator, the average age of mother at birth and at first birth, general and specific mortality rates, infant mortality rate, causes of death, general and specific marriage rates, the average age at marriage and at first marriage of men and women, the number of marriages by age group of the spouses, divorces rate, the average age of the spouses at divorce, the average duration of marriage dissoluted by divorce, the short-term divorciality indicator, the number of divorces by age group of the spouses, etc. The data are presented at national level, by macro-region, development region, county and residence area.