Welcome to the  RSS news page.

This service will facilitate you being permanently informed about all news, updates, etc. on tour web site without needing to connect to our web page.

By using this service you will receive a short notice with the news headline at the same time as it is published on our website.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a text XML format, that serves to distribute news headlines and content on Internet in a completely automated fashion. This way of distributing content is called "syndication". Its function is to show a summary or index with the content and news that a web site has published, without needing to enter the web site.

Therefore you will have to have a news reader program installed in your computer ("Feed Reader").

How to use RSS files?

If you do not have a reader program, you may download and install a Feed Reader (or news reader) onto your computer.

Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2 browsers can read RSS contents directly.

Some free programs  are:

Steps to follow to add the link to Conference news files in your news reader program.

Access news in RSS-XML format.
  1. On the previous link, with the right mouse button, copy the link address by using the appropriate option on your browser
  2. Next, paste the copied address into your preferred reader program by using the appropriate option.
  3. Once the above process has finished, the reader program will be responsible for automatically showing you the news that are incorporated into the RSS file from the Conference's web site.