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Database Sustainable Development Indicators in Romania (SDIR)

   The indicators from the database are pursuing the objectives and ways of action established by the National Stategy for Sustainable Development on the horizon of 2013, 2020 and 2030, and are built on information available from the National Institute of Statistics, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and institutions under its coordinaton or subordination and methodologies that are harmonized with the EU.

The main function of the indicators is to meet the monitoring requirements expressed by the National Strategy for Sustainable Development - Horizons 2013 - 2020 - 2030, associated with the terms of the proposed targets, which in their turn are political commitments related to the strategic objectives of the sustainable development.

The set of sustainable development indicators for Romania is divided into objectives of the National Sustainable Development Strategy - Horizons 2013 - 2020 -2030, with an hierarchy on three levels:

         level 1: main indicators;

        level 2: complementary indicators, used to monitor and review sustainable development programs;

         level 3: progress indicators of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Romania, covering the range of policies it generates, including those not covered by the EU strategy.


Thus defined, the set of indicators can be a solid base for the regular monitoring of progress in meeting the strategic objectives of sustainable development.


The SDI system in Romania is harmonized and congruent with the indicators used in the EU, following the basic pillars:

-         architecture: hierarchical structure of topics, sub-themes, areas of intervention;

-         associated concepts, definitions, classifications and nomenclatures;

-         methods of calculation.


The system integrates, within a pyramid structure, economic, social and environmental indicators, used to assess the three-dimensional evaluation of sustainable develoment in Romania.


The database (SDIR)  with SDI for Romania includes 103 indicators, with data series; available in the national statistical system since 2000, ranked as it follows: level 1 - 19 indicators, level 2 - 37 indicators and level 3 - 47 indicators. . The database will be updated and supplemented with other indicators as they will be developped and made available.

 Data last update: January 25, 2024

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